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Dan Crary & Thunderation
Perfect Storm

CD | BNR-CD222 | $14.95
One of flatpicking guitar's prime movers in his Blue Night Records debut. Dan's Thunderation sidekicks include Steve Spurgin, John Reischman, Don Stiernberg, Keith Little, Luke Dewhirst on banjo, and fiddler Martin Stevens. More...
Dan Crary & Thunderation: Perfect Storm
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Primal Twang: The Legacy of the Guitar
Primal Twang
Primal Twang: The Legacy of the Guitar
DVD | DCPT-001 | $18.99
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The story of the guitar told through a combination of onstage narration, video projections of rare historical footage, and electrifying live performances by an all-star ensemble of international guitar greats.
The first definitive theatrical journey through the guitar’s colorful and surprisingly controversial 3500-year history, told through a combination of onstage narration, video projections of rare historical footage and electrifying live performances by world music legend, Dan Crary and an all-star ensemble of international guitar greats including Grammy Award winners Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Doc Watson, Mason Williams ("Classical Gas"), Andrew York (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet),) as well as Richard Watson, harp-guitarists John Doan and Beppe Gambetta, Brazilian jazz master Peter Sprague, and Grand Old Opry star Doyle Dykes. The program debuted to enthusiastic sold-out audiences at the lavishly renovated, palatial Birch North Park Theatre.
     Primal Twang begins with the guitar’s ancient ancestors and covers not only the wildly eclectic forms of music played throughout the centuries on variants of the steel-string, nylon-string, and electric guitar, but also the sociological impact the guitar has had in every era. Dan and the seven-piece band perform everything from ancient modal music to classical, flamenco, and the Chet Atkins school, and from the guitar-based vocal pop of the early 20th Century through the jazz, folk, and rock eras, right up to today. At key points in the show, featured guest artists join the band, and the viewer gets to see and hear some of the best guitarists in the world as the "instrument of the gods" emerges from antiquity, gathers steam over centuries, and explodes in our own time to become the "universal" musical instrument.
     Crary, a world-traveler, raconteur, and former communications professor, starred as the singer/narrator, accompanied by a stellar stage ensemble including music director and multi-instrumental, Dennis Caplinger (HBO’s Deadwood), drummer Duncan Moore, classical/flamenco guitarists Fred Benedetti and George Svoboda (who performed with rising flamenco dance star Lakshmi Basile), gypsy-jazz guitarist Raul Reynoso, bassist Jeff Pekarek, and pop-rock guitarist/vocalist Jon Walmsley ("Jason" on the TV series, The Waltons, and now an in-demand session player in Los Angeles).

Requires QuickTime

Click here to learn more about Primal Twang.

Renaissance of the Steel-String Guitar | Dan Crary
Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar
Renaissance of the Steel-String Guitar
Dan Crary
CD | TM-039 | $16.95
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In Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar, Dan Crary's concerdrama of the guitar, the stories, traditions, and possibilities of the guitar come alive.

Click here to learn more about Renaissance of the Steel-String Guitar.
For years audiences have told Dan Crary that they appreciate the stories he tells in concerts, stories about the guitar, stories about how the steel-string guitar rose to become the world's most popular instrument, and stories about the guitar heroes who showed the world what it could do.
     Renaissance of the Steel String Guitar will take you on an instrumental journey into the past and recent history of the instrument, with performances of the music that has punctuated its rise. A very special 16-page booklet is included, recounting some of the stories and history of the guitar that audiences have enjoyed.
     Includes a beautiful, deluxe cover sleeve, and a 16-page insert filled with stories of the "beer-stains-and-bullet-holes" history of the guitar!
Track List & Audio Clips
1. Senso Unico
2. In Flagrante
3. An Druimfhionn Donn Dilis / Toss the Feathers (Trad.)
4. Banderilla
5. Lobelia Blue
6. Hot Pursuit
7. Cape Foulweather
8. Reedie's Blues
9. Rusticity (Crary & Oskay)
10. The Fermoy Lasses / The Man of the House (Trad.)
11. The Jig is Up (Bob Leon)
12. E Lucevan Le Stella
13. On the Fritz (Based on Liebesleid by Fritz Kreisler and a Hungarian Dance by Brahms)
ThunderShots® Flatpicking Guitar Series
Thundershots: Soldier's Joy
Soldier's Joy
DVD | TM-DVD-DC203 | $19.95
On Sale $17.95
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Thundershots: Forked Deer
Forked Deer
DVD | TM-DVD-DC202 | $19.95
On Sale $17.95
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Thundershots: Billy In The Low Ground
Billy in the Low Ground
DVD | TM-DVD-DC201 | $19.95
On Sale $17.95
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 The DVD has finally arrived and it was worth the wait! The lesson is excellent and will keep me busy for a while. I see that the DVD has been completely repackaged, nice job.
Once I get through 'Soldier's Joy' I plan to order more of Dan's DVD series. Thanks again.
— J. Finn, New Jersey
In these ThunderShots Flatpicking Guitar Series lessons, Dan Crary shows you how to move ahead with your playing faster and more effectively by, among other things, listening more effectively to the music you want to play.
     In addition, Dan will guide you through both beginner and advanced arrangements, suggest beautiful and powerful accompaniment ideas, and show you how to create your own original variations.
     We think we have found a way you can learn guitar techniques, songs, and tunes that is faster and more effective, and keeps on teaching you because it emphasizes how you can continue to teach yourself to play and stay excited about your progress.

A ThunderShots ®Flatpicking Guitar Series DVD includes:

  • Complete beginner & advanced versions of one tune
  • How to create your own variations
  • Ideas for beautiful, powerful accompaniment
  • Approach: Dan Crary's Learn to Listen/Learn to Play method
  • No TAB necessary
  • Complete TAB and music notation included (just in case)
  • Time: approximately 30 minutes of focused instruction
Watch for new ThunderShots DVD titles to appear often.
 I bought BILLY IN THE LOW GROUND Thunderation DVD at a Taylor Guitars Workshop with Dan Crary . . . . I have loved learning to play it. As one who is comfortable reading tablature, I then purchased the Flatpickers Guide. I really appreciate the CD that is with that. The Thunderation DVD is good in that while I was learning the song I played it a lot of times. And I really KNOW that song now! Deep thanks for all the work that has gone into these DVDs.
P. Dunn, Maine

 You're a teacher, Dan, so I'm going to tell you something youprobably already know: the simple approach, the one that yields results best and fastest with the least amount of effort, is usually the approach that gets overlooked. You didn't overlook it. You cultivated it on the Soldier's Joy DVD, and I've finally got a tune down well.
     I've struggled with learning tab arrangements for years. I believe your simple approach--getting the melody bit by bit in your head (and heart)--is the one that works. You know, it worked for centuries, for people who couldn't read. Thanks, Dan!
R. Boyle

 The DVD has finally arrived and it was worth the wait! The lesson is excellent and will keep me busy for a while. I see that the DVD has been completely repackaged, nice job. Once I get through 'Soldier's Joy' I plan to order more of Dan's DVD series. Thanks again.
J. Finn, New Jersey
Indie Winner for "Best Seasonal Album"!
Holiday Guitar | Dan Crary
Holiday Guitar
Holiday Guitar
CD | SHCD-3871 | $12.99
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 Makes you want to look out the window for falling snowflakes...
— Los Angeles Times

Since its release in 1996, Holiday Guitar has become many listeners' favorite Christmas album of all time, and many report they listen to it all year round. Winner of the "Indie" for "Best Seasonal Album."

Track List
1. Carol of the Bells
2. Christmas Waltz/Fum, Fum, Fum
3. Silver Bells
4. God Rest Ye Merrie, Gentlemen/Joy to the World
5. O Holy Night
6. Masters in This Hall
7. Christmas Blues A' Comin'
8. The Little Drummer Boy
9. Silent Night
10. What Child is This
11. The Coventry Carol/Patapan
12. Santa, Baby
13. The Last Noël
14. Jesu Bambino/The First Noël
Live: Men of Steel | Men of Steel
Live: Men of Steel
Live: Men of Steel
The Art of the Steel-String Guitar
Men of Steel
CD | TM-041 | $15.00
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 The onstage craic, mutual respect and friendship were combined with musical skill, taste and an obvious love of music-making to produce an unforgettable listening experience....Dammit, I just wanted more of the whole thing.
— Brian Miller, Celtic Roots

Click here to see more about

Their music is as diverse as their cultures. From the Mediterranean, Canada, Scotland, and the United States, these artists of the steel-string guitar create a spellbinding acoustic performance. Four of the most dynamic and powerful guitar artists in the world, each a master of the acoustic guitar, combine their talents into one amazing ensemble. Men of Steel is Beppe Gambetta (Italy), Dan Crary (US), Tony McManus (Scotland), and Don Ross (Canada).

Track List
1. (Intro)
2. L'Orient Est Grand
3. (Intro)
4. Loaded. Leather. Moonroof.
5. (Intro)
6. Bagpipe Tunes for Guitar
- The Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
- Dr. MacPhail's Reel
- The Devil in the Kitchen
- Andy Renwick's Ferret
- An Drachaid Chliutach
7. O'Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady
8. The Titanic
9. (Intro)
10. In Flagrante
11. (Intro)
12. Reel de la Sauvagine
13. (Intro)
14. On the Road with Mama
15. Long Journey Home
16. Risky Bizz
- Risky Bizz
- The Easy Club Reel
- Sally Good'n
- Last Steam Engine Train
- L'Iride
Synergia | Gambetta & Crary
(Formerly Live On Tour)
CD | TM-037 | $15.00
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 ...a highly virtuosic but wonderfully relaxed concert duo recording.
— Radio National

Click here to see more about Gambetta & Crary.
This "live on tour" recording pays its respects to the classic Doc & Merle Watson recordings of the '60s. Recorded before fired-up audiences at twenty concerts in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Slovenia, Synergia is the first full album project of Dan Crary and Beppe Gambetta, flatpicking master from Genova, Italy. All the excitement of their live performances is captured both in the music and the photographic art of this powerful and beautiful album, the first to be released on Thunderation Music.

Track List & Audio Samples:
1. Huckleberry Hornpipe
2. Stories We Can Tell
3. Mozart in Hell
4. Nashville Blues
5. L'Iride (Mazurka)
6. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms
7. Thunderation
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8. Jimmie Brown The Newsboy
9. Creuza De Mä
10. Black Mountain Rag
11. Ain't No California
12. John Hardy
13. Banderilla
14. Incredible
15. Life's Railway to Heaven/Soldier's Toy
16. Freeborn Man
Thunderation | Dan Crary
CD | SH/PS-CD-1135 | $15.00
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 Innovative material, dazzling musicianship, stunning production...
— Silo Newsletter
Powerful, larger-than-life all-guitar instrumental album, meticulously produced and recorded at Big Red Studio in Oregon. Winner of the "Indie" for "Best Instrumental Album," Thunderation includes "Thunderation," "Ladies' Fantasy," "Andante in Steel," "Banderilla," and more.

Track List
1. Banderilla
2. Depoe Bay
3. West o' the Moon
4. Amsterdance
5. Song of Makoraka-o
6. Thunderation
7. Lady's Fantasy
8. Lime Rock
9. Andante in Steel
10. Denouement
Beppe Gambetta and Friends Live in Genoa | Beppe Gambetta
Live in Genoa (DVD, Beppe Gambetta)
Beppe Gambetta and Friends Live in Genoa
Beppe Gambetta
DVD | MB21150DVD | $24.95
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Featured Artists:
Tony McManus, Don Ross, Dan Crary, Gene Parsons, Patty Larkin, Martino Coppo, Traversata Show

Special Features:
  • Laguage Options In Italian And English
  • 100 Minutes of Concert Footage
  • Presentations From the Old Town
  • Cartoon:"On the Road With Mama"
  • Discography

Track List
1. L'Orient Est Grand
2. O'Carolans Quarrel With The Landlady
3. Long Journey Home
4. Fuinde
5. Un Canadien Errant
6. Risky Bizz (medley)
7. Ceruza De Ma
8. Blue
9. Why You Been Gone So Long
10. On The Road With Mama
11. East Virginia Blues
12. Church Street Blues
13. Marcia Americana-Under The Double Eagle
14. L'iride (Traversata Show)
15. Nova Gelosia
16. A Cimma
17. You Ain't Goin Nowhere
18. Fandango Per La Bionda
Blu di Genova | Beppe Gambetta (Dan Crary, guest artist)
Blu di Genova
Blu di Genova
CD | FY8054 | $15.00
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Dazzling flatpicking!
— Billboard
This Transatlantic album by Beppe Gambetta combines Italian folk with US roots music. Produced by Beppe Gambetta and Billy Oskay. With guest artists Mario Acari, Carol Aonzo, Martino Coppo, Dan Crary, Marco Fadda, Filippo Gambetta, Glen Moore, Phil Neuman, and Gene Parsons.

Track List
1. On the Road with Mama
2. Fandango Per La Bionda
3. Church Street Blues
4. Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
5. A Cimma
6. Sestrina
7. A Night in Frontenac
8. Nova Gelosia/Serenata
9. Tarantexas
10. Fuinde
11. Marcia Americana/Under the Double Eagle
12. Red Shoes
Chambergrass | Berline, Crary & Hickman
CD | SHCD-3945 | $15.00
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. . . a glowing portraiture of a unit that elevated Bluegrass to loftier heights. . . . Fervently recommended!
— All About Jazz
Retrospective of bluegrass supergroup Berline-Crary-Hickman, featuring Byron Berline on fiddle, mandolin, and viola, Dan Crary on guitar and 12-string guitar, John Hickman on banjo, and various guest artists.

Dan Crary won "Best Liner Notes for Recorded Project" at the 2003 International Bluegrass Music Awards for his notes on Chambergrass.

Track List
1. Forked Deer
2. Big Dog
3. Fall Creek
4. Bonaparte's Retreat
5. Pistol Pete
6. Fisher's Hornpipe
7. Night Run
8. Turkey in the Straw
9. Under the Double Eagle
10. Henry's Hornpipe
11. Early Times
12. Storm Over Oklahoma
13. The Dusty Miller
14. Old Time Medley
15. Cricket
Traveler | California
CD | SHCD-3803 | $16.25
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Easy to recommend to old fans of Berline-Crary-Hickman, and to anyone interested in the ongoing evolution of bluegrass.
— Dirty Linen
One of the best bluegrass albums ever to come out of the West Coast. The original format was Byron Berline, Dan Crary, John Hickman and Steve Spurgin, and was called Berline, Crary and Hickman, Now They Are Four. With the addition of mandolinist John Moore, of Bluegrass Etc., they regrouped under the name California. What a sound! With the addition of Moore's mandolin, this band took on a depth that was phenomenal. Traveler received stellar reviews and many award.

Track List
1. Rocker Arm Reel
2. A Walk in the Irish Rain
3. Scissors, Paper, and Stone
4. My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'
5. Spurs
6. A Farmer's Son
7. California Traveler
8. I'll Dry Ever Tear That Falls
9. Whiplash
10. Sasquatch
11. Uncle Pen
12. Band of Angels
Crary & Hoppers and Their American Band
Crary & Hoppers and Their American Band
Crary & Hoppers and
Their American Band
With Lonnie Hoppers
CD | PCR-1104 | $15.00
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 Anybody interested in knowing what it feels like to hear good friends kick back and do some serious front porch pickin' and grinnin' would need to track this one down.
— David Moultrup,
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Project album with banjo hero Lonnie Hoppers of Missouri, old pal, bluegrass collaborator, and veteran of a dozen or so Bill Monroe classic cuts. Crary & Hoppers and Their American Band re-ignites sparks that flew in Kansas City thirty-five years ago with solid and original arrangements of bluegrass instrumentals and songs. Great performances by John Moore, Jamie Haage, Marlon Collins, and Dale Hopkins. "Banjo Signal," "Little Hawk," "Cajun Train," "Two Weeks and a Day," and many more.

Track List & Audio Samples:
1. Head Over Heels in Love with You
2. Banjo Signal (Inst)
3. Two Weeks and a Day
4. Good Old American Guest
5. Little Hawk (Inst)
6. I'm Sitting on Top of the World
7. Cajun Train
8. Nine Pound Hammer
9. Closer Walk with Thee (Inst)
10. Lonesome Whistle
11. John Henry (Inst)
12. I'll Take Hold of My Savior's Hand
Jammed If I Do | Dan Crary
Jammed If I Do
Jammed If I Do
CD | SHCD-3824 | $15.00
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 Timeless tunes, first-rate side musicians and phenomenal picking on every track.
— Country Guitar
Classic traditional guitar instrumentals with a stellar lineup of bluegrass star players, plus guest appearances from Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Beppe Gambetta and Tony Rice, and a solo 12-string Celtic music set. Country Guitar named Jammed If I Do "Best Album of the Year." "Durang's Hornpipe," "B&B Rag," "St. Anne's Reel," "The Session," and many more.
Track List & Audio Samples
1. St. Anne's Reel
2. B & B Rag
3. Conversation with Doc Watson
4. Whistlin' Rufus/Ragtime Annie
with Doc Watson
5. Banjo Signal
6. Conversation with Tony Rice
7. Cattle in the Cane
with Tony Rice
8. Twin Reel
9. Conversation with Beppe Gambetta
10. Foggy Mountain Special
with Beppe Gambetta
11. Tribute to Don Reno: Remington Ride/Home Sweet Home/Green Mountain Hop/Follow the Leader
12. Conversation with Norman Blake
13. Uncle Herman's Hornpipe
14. Irish Tune Suite: Port Nhuineacháin
Nóra Críonna/Garraí Na Bhfeileoig/Old Hag/Old Hag You Have Killed Me/The Session
15. Durang's Hornpipe
Bluegrass Guitar | Dan Crary
Bluegrass Guitar
Bluegrass Guitar
CD | SHCD-3806 | $15.00
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 Dan Crary plays with the power and deliberation of no other bluegrass guitarist.
— Tony Rice
With Wayne Stewart, Buddy Spurlock, Lonnie Peerce, Danny Jones, and Ebo Walker.

Track List
1. Cross the Big Sandy
2. Reuben
3. The Dusty Miller
4. Devil's Dream
5. Blackberry Blossom
6. Salt Creek
7. Black Mountain Rag
8. Sweet Sunny South
9. Monroe's Hornpipe
10. Forked Deer
11. Gold Rush
12. Fishin' Creek Blues
Take a Step Over | Dan Crary
Take a Step Over
Take a Step Over
CD | SHCD-3770 | $15.00
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 Picking doesn't come much better than this.
— Washington Post
With Byron Berline, Sam Bush, Sip Conover, John Cowan, Bela Fleck, David Hartzheim, John Hickman, Herb Pedersen, Jerry Scheff and Tom Sauber.

Track List
1. Bugle Call Rag
2. Take a Step Over
3. Great Tunes/Dumb Names Medley: Flop-Eared Mule/Done Gone/Crazy Creek
4. Raleigh and Spencer
5. Come Hither
6. Willie, the Wandering Gypsy
7. Hot Canary
8. Traditional Suite in "E" Medley: Fishin' Creek Blues/The Blackbird/Turkey in the Straw/Bonaparte's Retreat/Arkansas Traveler
9. Lord Build Me a Cabin
Guitar | Dan Crary
CD | SHCD-3730 | $15.00
Click to Order exciting blowing session featuring the cream of the new generation of bluegrass players....
— William Ruhlmann,

Dan's first all-instrumental release for Sugar Hill, a classic guitar album with with guests Sam Bush, Mark O'Connor, Bela Fleck, and T. Michael Coleman. "Cotton Patch Rag," "Tom & Jerry," "Bill Monroe Medley," and others.
Track List
1. Cotton Patch Rag
2. Stanley Brothers Medley: Fling Ding/Hard Times/Daybreak in Dixie
3. Sweet Laree
4. Memories of Mozart: From Mozart's Piano Sonata #11 in A major, Third Movement: Rondo "Alla Turka"
5. The Green in the Blue Medley: The Strayaway Child (jig)/ An Druimfhionn Donn Dilis (lullaby)/ McCahill's Reel (reel)
6. Tom & Jerry
7. Bill Monroe Medley: Get Up John/The Gold Rush/Roanoke
8. Sally Ann
CD Bonus Track
9. The Blackbird
CD Bonus Track
10. Foggy Mountain Special
CD Bonus Track
The Dan Crary Capo
The Dan Crary Capo
The Dan Crary Capo
DCC-1 | $79.95
Click to Order

 It's the best capo out ever made as far as I'm concerned.
— D. Bolger

Click here for detailed DC Capo information and instructions.
The Dan Crary Capo for the steel-string guitar!
  • Solid brass
  • Fine-tune adjustable
  • Holds tight with less tension
  • Distorts tuning less
  • Avoids capo-pressure neck damage
  • Looks, feels, and works like serious pro equipment

You may or may not remember me, but I used to own Juniper Studios in Burbank where at least three of your albums were recorded. Jimmy Emrich was my (and your) engineer at the time.
     Well I just thought I'd send you a note regarding your capo. I heard you talking about it on XM radio a few weeks ago and, you were right, it's obscenely expensive. But worth every damn nickel.
     I've spent - well - a LOT of money on capos over the last 35 years, looking for the right one. Yours is not only the right one, it is now the only one. It does exactly what you say it'll do. So I'm figuring that it's really a bargain! You just saved me a bundle over the next 20 or 30 years. (This is very close to the narrative I gave my wife, by the way, when she looked at the MasterCard bill. But it's 100% true.) So I thank you and my wife thanks you.
     And thanks for all the wonderful music. You are a true inspiration.
— David Bolger
Dan certainly does remember David, and really appreciates his permission to use his kind comments on both the capo and the music.
Eight Great Tunes and Variations for Flatpick Guitar | Dan Crary
Eight Great Tunes and Variations for Flatpick Guitar
Eight Great Tunes and Variations for Flatpick Guitar
HL-641504 | $19.95
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Here's a great way to improve your guitar skills, build your repertoire, and develop an ability to expand basic tunes into complete instrumental arrangements. Dan Crary teaches eight of his most requested show-stoppers, demonstrating them up to speed and then slowing them down to explain the finer points of flatpicking.

Dan includes well-known Irish and American fiddle tunes as well as two of his own astounding instrumental compositions. These wonderful pieces will help you build your technique and knowledge of the guitar, and will allow you to go on to create your own tunes and variations. Songs: "Billy in the Low Ground," "Forked Deer," "McCahill's Reel," "Irish Waltz," "Cotton Patch Rag," "Sweet Laree," "Tom and Jerry."

The Flatpicker's Guide | Dan Crary
The Flatpicker's Guide
The Flatpicker's Guide
HL00000231 | $19.95
Click to Order

Packed with information from cover to cover....will fuel the imagination and enthusiasm of the aspiring super-picker....
— Bluegrsss Unlimited
A working method for flatpickers from low-intermediate to advanced, The Flatpicker's Guide is a method for teaching yourself how to play the guitar, and also a repertoire-builder, with complete arrangements of around twenty tunes. The Flatpicker's Guide gets rave reviews from people who have bought it and worked on the ideas in it. Chapters on "Creating Breaks to Songs," "Special Guitar Techniques," and "Repertoire Building," plus arrangements of "Lime Rock," "The Dusty Miller," "Huckleberry Hornpipe," and others.

Flatpick Guitar Workshop (aka Bluegrass Guitar Workshop | Dan Crary
Flatpick Guitar Workshop
Flatpick Guitar Workshop
DVD-CRA-GT21 | $29.95
On Sale $25
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VD-CRA-GT01 | $39.95
On Sale $22.95
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Although expert flatpickers will undoubtedly still learn a lot from Crary's video, his straightforward presentation and judicious definitions of basic terms make Bluegrass Guitar Workshop accessible to beginners as well....long overdue.
— Dirty Linen
A method for sharpening up your ability to teach yourself how to play the guitar. This DVD/video teaches tunes and techniques, but its greatest contribution is to recognize that, even if you take lessons, attend conservatory, or just sit around on the edge of the bed with the guitar, you have to teach yourself how to play. Great information for virtually all levels of players on how to get unstuck, stay encouraged, and make real progress toward being a better player. Includes tips for creating your own arrangements, plus hands-on instruction of "Lime Rock," "Foggy Mountain Special," "John Henry," "Arkansas Traveller," and "Sally Good'n."

Copyright © Dan Crary. All rights reserved.
Taylor Guitars